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PHS welcomes responses from those who have valuable input on this troubling situation. Many have bravely risked their reputations by posting accounts of their abuse on this site, and knowing that these accounts have been read, that they have made an impact, and have potentially saved lives – hearing from you proves that it was worth the risk. PHS also welcomes those who have confronted this issue in their own families and churches to share their wisdom.

Responses found to be edifying and valuable, the editors of PHS will re-post here, if the writer so desires. There is also the option to submit a response privately, and only the editors of this site will have access to it.

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~ Anonymous Response #1

Dear Brothers, You have undertaken a difficult task which is potentially fraught with controversy. Nonetheless, I believe that it is God who has raised you up for this work “for just such a time as this.” Your reference to Matthew 18 tests us as to whether we are “true” shepherds who understand how repugnant to […]

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~ From John Bjorlie

Dear Brothers, We so appreciate both the stand of the Protect His Sheep statement and the tools being made available. Serious Christians say, “Amen!” Our mandate is to make our fellowships safe, wholesome, and nurturing places. I will be doing what I can to promote these materials. The Gospel of Christ frees us from being […]

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