March 22, 2020

~ From John Bjorlie

Dear Brothers,

We so appreciate both the stand of the Protect His Sheep statement and the tools being made available. Serious Christians say, “Amen!”

Our mandate is to make our fellowships safe, wholesome, and nurturing places. I will be doing what I can to promote these materials.

The Gospel of Christ frees us from being evasive, creepy liars. The Gospel of the Grace of God, rightly understood, is the one message that enables us to come out of hiding and be honest about sin. Sexual sin spreads like a leprous mildew in secret places. The congregations we work with must be Gospel churches. They must not be places where no one dares to be honest. Elitism is a filthy attitude which thinks that others sin in shameful ways, but those perversions do not happen among us. Elitism needs to be shamed out the door, and honest confession take its place. Confronting sin is horrible work. Helping victims of abuse is humiliating, painful, and problematic. Dealing with victimizers is an awful job. Helping the repentant, and facing the unrepentant is hard. But this is what the Bible calls “walking in the light.” Taking practical steps to promote daylight has to be good. “Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light” (Romans 13:12).

John A. Bjorlie

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