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Child sexual abuse in Christian homes and ministries is shockingly high—as many as 1-in-4 girls and 1-in-20 boys. Predators include siblings and cousins; fathers and grandfathers; trusted friends, youth workers, pastors, and other church leaders. Child abuse strikes a devastating blow to a child’s heart, mind, and soul. Short and long term effects include misdirected guilt, shame, loss of faith, despair, drug abuse, sexual dysphoria, and suicide. On this website, we have posted letters from 20 survivors, publicly addressed the North American church, posted an open letter to parents, and built a library of actionable resources. We urge you to review this material and learn what you can do to put a stop to the sinful and criminal abuse of children in our homes and churches.

Open Letters

Protect His Sheep has published two open letters, one to church leaders and one to parents. Read both letters to learn how you can help put a stop to child sexual abuse in Christian homes and churches.
Open Letter to Christian Leadersopen letter to Christian parents


To best understand how child sexual abuse takes place in Christian homes and churches, read the stories of those who have experienced firsthand. Learn how sexual assault changes a child’s life and what survivors want others to know about putting a stop to it and caring for those injured by it.
Survivor Stories


Review our resource database to find the help you need to protect your children and children participating in the ministries of your church.

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In 2018, Merin Minch (née Thomas), Sherin Thomas, Jim McCarthy, Steve Price, and Brady Collier established the ministry of Protect His Sheep. Its mission is to alert Christian parents and church leaders to the fact that children are being sexually abused in Christian homes, churches, and ministries. They have been joined in this effort by a small band of editors, directed by Becky Musgrove; website designers, directed by Grayson Price; and other writers and pastoral workers, all volunteering their time to help protect children. Current workers include Alexandra Angeard, Maureen Bradshaw, Julie Kurian, Laura Messerly, and Shannon Rankin.

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